Purpose and Scope

1.1. Purpose

The purpose of this Ethics Code is to establish the guidelines that all employees of SIRIUS PV, including senior management, must adhere to in their interactions with all relevant parties, such as shareholders, employees, former employees, customers, suppliers, business partners, competitors, and other stakeholders. Our social responsibility aims to contribute to sustainable development, recognizing that all organizational activities depend on the world's ecosystem.

1.2. Scope

This Code of Conduct and its Application Principles apply to all employees of SIRIUS PV and its subsidiaries. Third parties such as suppliers, business partners, subcontractors, and dealers involved in business relations with us are also expected to comply with these rules.

Ethical Values

SIRIUS PV commits to honesty, impartiality, transparency, and reliability in all activities and relationships. This commitment extends to integrating concerns for health, safety, the environment, and respect for people into our corporate responsibilities.

Legal Liabilities

3.1. Compliance with Laws and Social Norms

SIRIUS PV adheres to applicable laws, regulations, ethical guidelines, and company values while respecting the social, political, and cultural values of all regions in which we operate. We prioritize business ethics and adhere to international standards uncompromisingly.

Human Rights

4.1. Respect for Individuals

SIRIUS PV respects and supports the fundamental human rights outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Employment practices, including hiring, compensation, working conditions, and promotion opportunities, are governed by principles of equality and fairness, and are free from discrimination based on gender, religion, language, race, or opinion.

4.2. Child Labour

Child labor is strictly prohibited in all our operations, recognizing it as a violation of human rights.

4.3. Forced Labour

SIRIUS PV does not engage in or support forced or compulsory labor in any form.

4.4. Discrimination and Harassment

SIRIUS PV does not tolerate any forms of discrimination or harassment, including sexual harassment or any behaviors that undermine dignity based on religion, language, race, or other attributes.


5.1. Work and Employment Conditions

We ensure fair and equitable treatment in recruitment, promotion, remuneration, and training, adhering to legal and industry standards to provide suitable working conditions.

5.2. Equal Opportunities

All employment decisions are made without discrimination, maintaining fairness and impartiality from hiring through termination.

5.3. Company Asset and Data Protection

Employees must not disclose any of SIRIUS PV's public or confidential information without proper authorization. Company assets must be used solely for business purposes.

5.4. Personal Data Protection and Confidentiality

Personal data protection is managed according to Law and related regulations, ensuring the security of personal and company information.

Business Ethics

6.1. Conflict of Interest

Employees must avoid any situation that might compromise their impartiality or the integrity of their conduct. This includes avoiding any appearance of a conflict of interest.

6.2. Gifts and Hospitality

The acceptance of gifts or hospitality is strictly regulated to prevent conflicts of interest. No form of gift that could be construed as a bribe is permitted.

6.3. Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

We respect and protect the intellectual and industrial property rights of SIRIUS PV and others.

6.4. Confidentiality

Confidential information is handled in accordance with contractual agreements and legal obligations.

6.5. Fair Competition

SIRIUS PV adheres to all laws governing fair competition.

6.6. Bribery and Corruption

Any form of bribery or corruption is strictly prohibited.

6.7. Political Activity

Political activities are not permitted during work hours or using company resources.

6.8. Social Media Use

Social media accounts must be managed by authorized personnel and aligned with corporate policies.

Health, Safety, and Environment

7.1. Environment

We commit to protecting natural resources and enhancing environmental awareness among our employees and stakeholders.

7.2. Occupational Health and Safety

Our operations comply with all health and safety laws and regulations, aiming for zero accidents.

7.3. Social Responsibilities

We engage in social investments and encourage stakeholder participation in areas such as sports, education, arts, health, and the environment.